If we think about burger, the first brand which hits my mind everytime is McDonald’s.
It is the most popular brand which serves you snacks which are extremely delicious as well as very low priced.

Photo by Andreeew Hoang on Unsplash

So let’s do User map journey on McDonald’s and see our experience.


So first we have to decide where we want to go and for that I just google the nearest outlet of McDonald’s. It was not damn far from my house so I just called my friends and we decided to meet at the location. …



Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

So let’s understand “WHAT IS DESIGN”

Design is process in which we create a product by understanding the needs and wants of consumer.

We can also say that design is a visual look given to a certain object by doing a research which feels safe and excites the customer.

From designer’s point of view, Here are some points you need to remember-

1.When we create a design we should keep users perspective in our mind not what we like.

2. Product should be designed in a manner that it looks beautiful.

3. But only looks doesn’t matter design always has to serve a purpose.

4. Emotions play very important role in design.

5. Research is a very important part…

Saksham Arora

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